Recitation of Qari Ataur Rahman

001 Sura Fatiha
002 Ayatul Qursi
036 Sura Ya-Seen
055 Sura Ar-Rahman
094 Sura Sharh
095 Sura Teen
096 Sura Alaq
097 Sura Qadr
100 Sura Aadiyat
102 Sura Takathur
103 Sura Asr
104 Sura Humazah
105 Sura Fil
106 Sura Quraish
107 Sura Maun
▸ 109 Sura Kafirun
111 Sura Lahab
112 Sura Ekhlas
113 Sura Falaq
114 Sura An-Naas

Biography of Qari Ataur Rahman

Hafez Qari Maulana Ataur Rahman Helal was born in 1951. He is from Munshiganj, Bangladesh. His father is Marhum Maulana Rashid-ud-Deen Ahmad, a student and a spiritual disciple of Shaikhul Islam Hussain Ahmad Madani Rahmatullahi Alaihi.

At present, Maulana Ataur Rahman Helal is the Khateeb of Lalbagh Khaje Dewan Masjid in Dhaka. He also runs a Madrasah in his native place, Jamiah Madani Kolapara, where is the Principal.

His life’s mission is to spread the teaching of Quran. He has engaged his wife and children on the safe path – only for the sake of Allah’s pleasure.

Maulana Ataur Rahman Helal spends most of his time in the recitation of the Holy Quran. This is his passion and hobby above all. Allah has gifted this servant with a beautiful and emotional voice. is very proud to record the sweet voice of such a pious living saint. We do dua for his long and healthy life. May Allah Taala prolong his shelter upon us for a long time! Aameen.

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